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His arm isn’t the only thing getting raised upward.


More of my favorite color. Or was it green? Can’t think right now.

Another tribute to snow. Where I live we just had record snowfall of something like 12 inches. Hell (figuratively) froze over (literally).

Note: Actually, I love where I live. Deep in the heart of a red state is not bad at all, yall.

White really is the best color for spandex.

This is about as hot as it gets. This guy has pretty much the top gear. Not sure about the helmet though.


Thanks Lycra Lad for your contribution.

White, transparent boner for all to see.
(I’m not allowed to copy the photo.)

Now back to regularly scheduled programming. Here is a sport not well represented here. Do football pants qualify?


I really, really like this tri-suit. White is a hot color.


More pictures after the jump:
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