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Dance guys having some fun. Next time you do “YMCA” remember how to do it this way.

Source: Flickr

As you can see on Flickr::Elmascaras, tights can be worn as part of a regular outfit. You don’t have to look like “I just went to the gym” or “I’m a sneaky perv” but rather, the way he wears it, you see a confidence in his style, no excuses required. Very well done.

Some notable examples:
Gray tights and a jacket
A darker look for the subway
T-shirt and tights

This reminds me of when tights made a bold showing on the Milan runway in the Spring of 2007.
Calvin Klein men spring 07
You might find more like this here.

On the other hand, wearing tights with a skirt and a tie must be a fucking joke. Or some dumbass is trying to abort this fashion baby.

More commentary.

Click for full size:

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What’s wrong with these pictures? See answer in the comments.

A few glimpses of male dancers wearing tights.

Needs more lighting, more camera time on the male side dancers.

Another gem from yesteryear:

Actually, those are full bodysuits there:

So, straight-identified sports guys enjoy talking about tights. Let me offer you the evidence:
NBA tights coverage on
Deadspin: Brady Quinn in Tights
Kobe Bryant in Tights
Spandex for Basketball