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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Wanna play basketball with Spiderman? Andrew Garfield shoots some hoops in costume. I think this is a publicity stunt. Normally you wouldn’t sweat into and ruin an expensive costume like that.

Via Reddit

Aerobics or Yoga wearing this. Please let this be a thing. (Or bring the 1980s back, if you remember.)

I like this guy. Go to 2:55 to hear him talk singlet.

Same guy chilling in singlet.

/r/Singlets is awesome! Just discovered it today.


I’ve warned before that shit happens when you have your content captive on someone else’s service. Following the news about Tumblr’s acquisition, I’m proud to say that I can take my blog with me, despite the quirks of WordPress.


Here’s an album showing how to make your own Spiderman costume. Associated post thread on Reddit with lots of compliments on physique, etc.

1) My employer is looking for another web developer. It’s a bit tentative at the moment, but it would be nice a lot of fun to be working with a spandexbro.

2) This website. Part-time freelance gig. If you enjoy blogging and using web tools, or just wanna learn.

Contact me using at [nameofthisblog]@[thebigG]dotcom. I don’t check it too often so it might be a few days before I get back to you.


Source: /r/malespandex

Apologies for the extended interruptions. After all these years I finally outgrew the hosting I had been on. They should have told me to move years ago, but the just didn’t notice how much load this site was generating. Now that I also know better how the Internet works, I’m able to manage a virtual machine with additional RAM to handle the traffic.