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Monthly Archives: February 2012

I forgot to say again: the Junk Suit is best experienced on a mobile device.

To save you the trouble of transferring the URL, here is a QR code:

For now you get the feeds of a few blogs transformed into a convenient format and piped into a browser window. This is just the beginning of things. As I have hinted before, Node.js offers tremendous opportunity to make some interesting things.

The Junk Suit

This new thing I made is called The Junk Suit. It took way too long to get this to you guys, especially considering that nothing was done to it for the last two weeks or so. I’m reading stuff about the “lean startup” idea which says to make something as soon as possible so that people can use it as soon as possible.

Right now The Junk Suit features Wetsuitlads, a fairly prolific anchor of the nice-and-tight community with lots of original content. I like that level of quality and I’ll be rather picky when it comes to adding new feeds.

I’m working on some real-time interactive capabilities for the very same mobile web app. Wish me luck!

Maybe I had a lapse of judgment when I decided that Spandy Andy wasn’t blog-worthy. Now his fame is catching up with me. Here is his well-received IAmA on Reddit.

First it was zentai at sporting events and now this. Who would’ve thought we were going mainstream. Maybe the codpiece will make a comeback.

You would have had your mobile app this past Sunday if I hadn’t been watching that two-hour episode of Downton Abbey. Of course there wasn’t anything skin-tight in 1918 (spandex invented in 1959), but I’ve taken a liking to Matthew Crawley

I’m just doing some finishing touches on this very first phase of the project. For now it’s nothing worth bragging about, really. However, the process of setting things up exposed the choices and priorities involved in development.

For example, I chose to have everything piped through the browser on your phone, rather than having the bother of native apps. (Feel free to disagree.) This is because I can be quite lazy I’m betting on the merits of the open platform, namely the sphere of things we call “HTML5″. Besides making something that is open and portable, it is also much less risky when it comes to privacy and security since both developers and users better understand what’s going on. The browser will continue to deliver some mind-blowing advances, enhanced by hardware improvements and special tools like Node.js. If you know what that is, you have some idea about how magical the possibilities can be.

Is this turning into a geek blog? I’m not ashamed if it does. I’ll take a hot nerd in spandex.

This squirming you see is enjoyment. He is getting to wear what he always wanted to wear.

“Anonymous” pointed out to that this picture is, unfortunately but not unexpectedly, fake. Here is the original.

It’s still nice to look at though. While it lasted the fantasy of a wrestler cumming in the ring gave me a week’s worth of boners, plus bonus motivation to write slash fiction of my own. I was thinking about how teammates would try to get each other to cream in a witch-hunt to root out naughty thoughts, and of course no one is immune at that age. Anyway …

It’s on this Chinese Flickr-clone site here.

Thank you, and thank you all again for taking that survey. The number of responses were far more than I expected, and I learned a few things I didn’t know before.

Every day I put some time into the project. It’s competing for my energy against work and exercise (so I continue to look good in spandex). Knowing the constraints faced with any project, especially one that’s purely a hobby, I intend for things to start out simple, so that I get something in your hands as soon as possible. (It turns out that the only answer that was a clear winner was “yes I want an app now!”.) There are two features I’m working on — one that’s a fairly conventional delivery-of-content and the other a really novel use of technology.

Also, this project might be open to contributors. If any of you tight guys are interested, email me: {thisblogname} at . There are two areas of work — tech development and content curating.