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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Please take the Spandex App Survey here. I got way more responses than I expected — should have used Google Forms in the first place.

I have a list of questions:

  1. Is this photoshopped? (Please say no.) If it isn’t,
  2. Has anyone heard of something like this happening? Everyone always says “You’re too busy wrestling to get excited like that”
  3. Is it NSFW if cum is outside?
  4. What would you do in this situation?

When I saw this picture I pretty much blew my load instantly.

Credit goes to wherever Spandexgasm found it.

Trying out some new looks for the site. Things might be changing for a while. I hope to settle on something nice soon.

Ready for 2012! Here’s a great picture to get us started. Yes I do have a kinkier side and this picture really puts things together — a nice skinsuit, cycling gear, and this guy being mounted on a platform that opens your imagination to the possibilities!

I saw it here: link

(this post a work in progress as I aggregate my links and editorials)

The Internet keeps moving — changing and growing — even if any one of us slows down. Perhaps the most significant shift in the lycra-media world that has accelerated during the past year is that the conventional blog is no longer the only dominant format, but rather now there is an even wider variety, from barely-alive Yahoo! groups to the rise of Tumblr, a surprisingly robust Flickr, plus a new experiment at Reddit. And don’t forget social networks like Facebook and GearFetish.



I am reluctantly adding Tumblr “blogs” to my list, hesitant because I have already seen notable sites disappear, without notice, because of inappropriate or TOS violations. Tumblr makes it easy to re-post content, in essense creating a giant echo chamber. Original content is both rare and difficult to identify. This is what we bloggers are guilty of doing anyway — Tumblr just makes it much less work and much more efficient. Like most things though, this too will pass. But there is a lot of great stuff I would have never seen on my own. Check the links to the right and let me know what has disappeared already.