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Monthly Archives: November 2011


This begins a special series covering the economic situation in Europe. Seen here is the Greek National Guard in uniform, featuring white tights.


I put my mouth on a low-hanging fruit by starting the /r/malespandex subreddit on Reddit. Like Flickr, delicious images are crowd-sourced, which means you get quality and quantity beyond what any one blogger can give you.

Maybe about a year ago, I thought to myself, I need to create some kind of gallery for my website where users would submit images or links to images, and they would be displayed depending on how many votes, how recently submitted, etc. And, of course, it’s a decent idea that was totally reinventing the wheel, so check if that wheel already exists and go use it.

I’m happy to say that /r/malespandex now has quite a few yummy pictures submitted by another kind user to get it started. You’ll see that I also have two posts there, and it should obvious what my Reddit username is.

Yikes, I totally missed the month of October! Bet you’re thinking, this blog sucks, I missed when he updated this thing almost daily.

Just to update what I’ve been doing, for half the month I was out of town and overseas, and before that I joined the gym again to give myself some range of activity other than cycling. I highly recommend joining a city or community operated gym. Where I live they are quite nice and they don’t try to screw you like some of the private-label chain gyms.

Also, wear spandex! Even after all these years we hesitate to wear spandex, but please keep in mind life is short and we look as good today as we will ever. I’ve been wearing my wrestling singlets to the gym or else I’m just not going to get my use out of them. By gym rules we have to have sleeves so I wear some kind of top like a t-shirt over the singlet. It’s super comfortable not to have a waistband, which are rather irritating to me.

So use it or lose it! Recently I entered my third decade of life, which by Reddit demographics makes me a senior citizen. (Lawn, off!) There went my 20s! Looking back I am grateful to have had some creative endeavors like this blog while also having the opportunities to meet a few like-minded dudes.

We have also seen many blogs come and go, and lately there seems to be fewer. I am thankful for sites like Flickr and Gearfetish that keeps this community together and reminds us that there are many of us out there. I also feel like that changes in technology open up some new possibilities in sharing, just like blogging and social websites did for us earlier in the past decade.

I happen to have, through work and personal projects, some of the skills to take advantage of these emerging media technology, which may allow new channels of connection and expression. I do not, however, have any concrete plans or ideas that really strike me. I do feel that today’s buzzwords like Social, Mobile, Local are quite relevant and no doubt some of us will come up with interesting new things for our little phones.

So if it’s any consolation, the time I’ve spent away from this blog might become part of something new. We’ll just have to wait and see!