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Monthly Archives: September 2011

In Internet time, Flickr is not a spring chicken. However they do still have a the best photo sharing website that has kept up in technology. And as far as we are concerned, extensive collections of men in spandex. I’ve been wanting a Flickr app for my Android phone, and now it’s here!

Introducing Flickr Photo Session and the Flickr Android App

Flickr Android App

Sorry to make you guys read, but you know you’ve wanted this:

Lights Out, Game On

LAST night I slept on athletic shorts. Or more accurately, I slept on the stuff athletic shorts are made of: high-tech performance fabric, the sort of super-Lycra that goes into the uniforms of, say, basketball players.

TL;DR: Spandex bed sheets might be good for you, but it’ll separate more money from you.

My take: Not necessary. Still prefer my spandex on hot guys.