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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I make myself wear spandex when I do yard work. Bike shorts, singlets, whatever. My stuff needs to be put to use. One day the neighbor across the street brought out her lawn chair and watched me.

(Don’t wear your nice spandex for yard work. Branches, bugs, sweat, etc. They’ll tear it up.)


White speedos are the best. Haven’t seen them in a while.

A new blog: The Tight Spot. Plenty of awesomeness.

You might have to make do without pictures and media for a while. In recent months I have had a laptop or two destroyed, and I haven’t had the time to gather all my files and bookmarks. As usual, the bottleneck in producing my “content” (most of which is stuff I find on the Internet) is curating the stuff I see on to this blog.

Something else is happening that has changed my habits, and that is a new open-source software project I’ve been working on. And that follows a string of other projects against the background of a new job and other major changes. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m also quite the tech geek, and I do feel the pull of creating my own software projects as a product of my free time.

This hiatus reached a crisis sometime last week when Gordon of Wetsuitlads said “Hey, what happened to your website!?” It was a bit of a panic for me, since I couldn’t reach the website or even my hosting provider. It turned out, thank goodness, that it was just an old nameserver being retired. The first thing I did after that was to make a backup of this site, you know, just in case it really disappears.

I also got emails from some fans asking where the heck I am. Well, there are simply no excuses. We have seen many lycra blogs disappear, and I must hold my ground. I am considering a technological solution, in addition to willpower, to figure out how to keep spandexed crotches coming your way. I have outlined some ideas but still nothing compelling enough. I am open to suggestions.

I know that we men (and we are, mostly) are visually oriented. And nothing is as easy and stimulating as scrolling through pictures and videos. But now, even with fewer blogs, there is even more content out there than ever before. The challenge now is curating — how do we find and organize our world of hot cyclists, swimmers, wrestlers, superheroes, triathletes, dancers, etc? How often have you recalled a memorable picture, but you cannot find it, hoping that you just might be lucky enough to stumble on it again?

Until I figure out how to allow us to curate in our stretchy sexy realm, I will do this — write. I will continue on this blogging platform to share my personal experiences, the life of a real young man who wears spandex every day (yes really!).