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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Another excuse for not posting daily — I was getting myself a new job! Of course, my first thoughts about any job are: (1) can I ride my bike to work, and (2) will they let me wear spandex?

I will miss all the spandex I’ve gotten to see and touch in my current job.

Here is another way I can give back to the spandex community. If you –

• Have a blog
• Organize spandex events or meetups
• Have pictures or stories to share
• Do any else with spandex, like creating an awesome design

I want to help you get noticed, like I did with The Fixed Gear. I’m not sure exactly how much of an effect I have, but I think I can give you a decent bump. I’m open to anything, really, but I will evaluate it case-by-case for quality. As you can notice by the absence from my blog, I prefer not to endorse blatantly commercial things, like pay-sites, selling DVDs, or retailing/auctioning.

I was just about to end this post without any eye candy, but I thought better of it.

Fuckign wow! Have you seen a suit like that? With a design like that on the backside, it should certainly have a package-enhancing design on the front for good measure.

Along the lines of doing a group picture with your team cocksucker in front …

Kind of reminds you of this funny picture, if you haven’t seen it already.

Revisiting the most obscure sport (?) that requires wearing your skin-tight bodysuit. I’m guessing this is huge in Germany.

Here’s another kind of transition that takes place at a tri event.

It might be a slow week. I didn’t get time over the weekend to find material. Definitely not 5 days’ worth.

This cycling team’s “cabin boy” (or whatever you call the guy) shows how much he can take in his moth.

Possibly my favorite picture from The Fixed Gear shows a pair of Dutch cyclists on the bench. I just love the look of the guy on the right … he has unzipped his skinsuit, he’s staring out into space, and maybe he’s waiting for something, maybe from his teammate sitting next to him. Just maybe.

[Edit 09/09] Of course, from reading The Fixed Gear, I knew that these cyclists are Teun Mulder and Tim Veldt. In their latest post they introduce again the dutch cyclists, including Theo Bos.

I’m back from my Labor Day weekend vacation. You gotta worry about when I go out of town. I resettle back home in a different way, and I might end up not blogging for a while. I hope I don’t do that again this time.

I’m going back to Austin for Labor Day weekend. I’m wondering if any peeps want to meet for face time while I’m there. My real motive, actually, is finding someone who would like to put up with me Monday evening, because I’ll be leaving on Tuesday morning.

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