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Monthly Archives: August 2010








Reminds me of “Bruno” and the Daytona wrestling team.

That’s Theo Box. And getting to stretch him is a nice job to have.

A good problem to have: too much spandex! If I don’t make an effort to use my stuff, it will just be idle. Solution: ride the bike more, and don’t be shy about wearing it to the gym.

An honest account of why cyclists wear lycra:

Another fun video by the same guy: Preparation

An homage to the new blog discovery this week, The Fixed Gear. Also, I’ve never had computer-animated lycra on this blog before.

I love this blog: The Fixed Gear

Bloggers Kean and Anna share their admiration for track cyclists! (examples here and here).

We have long been fascinated by the human body, the graceful curves and the impeccable beauty is simply beyond anything we can ever dream of. Seeing a person in tight fitting wear with all the peculiarities and beauty of the human body intact is simply a sight to behold. [...] Appreciating athletes in full tight form fitting lycra gear but respecting them by offering a constructive analysis of their build.

And they, like me, have experience in the cycling industry.

Thanks for the link, btw.

You might be missing out on Gordon’s webcam webcast.

Webcam chat at Ustream

Check out his streaming channel for older videos.

I admit to the hypocrisy — while the existence of this blog relies on the works of others, I do like to find the “originals” and give credit where it’s due (i.e. “In the Swim”). So, in that vein, I present today’s post. I bet a lot of you have seen this pic by now:

… which is hot, while making you wonder what kind of creep hangs out close enough to these guys to get a photo like this. Fortunately, I happened across what I think are the original photos in this photostream:



What you see above is the original that got ‘shopped. I think it was just fine without the enhancement.

The rest of the Triathlon set is also good stuff.

Yeah that’s kinda hot.