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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Even though I love bikes, cyclists, and their gear, I’m really not paying attention to the TDF.


In “No Longer Subtle” this blogger checks out a cyclist who shows up in a skinsuit, causing his mind to think about all kinds of men in spandex. Great story.

Those pictures you’ve seen are taken by Greg Vaughan, working with model and hottie Mikus Lasmanis who wears a variety of tight-fitting combinations. See more of him at Contributing Editor.

I’m back from my Independence Day weekend vacation. For the record, both times that my boyfriend was giving me a handjob, my thoughts were on wearing a skin tight bodysuit while being bound or tied up. Those blog links I posted last week really had an impression on me.

I was also hot imagining how a riding with a cycling buddy could quickly get interesting. I think about how I’m already exposing everything, and then … oh, here’s a boner! Why not feel each other up?