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Monthly Archives: May 2010


I just discovered a wonderful blog, Guys in Tights, which has an angle for dancers and the like. You can also follow the author on Flickr, where there is a nice collection of dancers, who I think are the most athletic and beautiful of all the men-wearing-spandex categories.

But see, it’s damn near impossible to find a non-fruity picture of dancers.

So effing hot.

Another media exposure of lycra/spandex, this time about wearing zentai:

“We were online, and I saw this link and it intrigued me: a person encased in a suit,” says Ben, a 25-year-old computer programmer from Irvine, California. “My girlfriend thought it was the weirdest thing she had ever seen.”

But Ben saw something else—something he didn’t even know his life was missing. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After a couple of weeks of bringing it up, I convinced my girlfriend to let me buy one. Finally it came in, I put it on… and I felt free.”

Men Who Love Lycra — The Daily Beast

I enjoy this guy’s almost-freakishly long and lean legs. He also has good taste in cycling gear. Check out his other videos too, they’re all worth a wank.

The Skin Tight party has been recognized by a national newspaper, the New York Times –

This is Skin Tight U.S.A., the occasional costume-fetish party held at the Stonewall Inn in the West Village, which draws a regular group of men (and their admirers) who enjoy a special kind of dress-up. Some wear heroic outfits; some, wrestling gear. The crowd can range from 25 people on an average night to 250 on a spectacular one. The common thread is that the muscle-cuddling garb often leaves little to the imagination.

NYTimes Article :: Out of the Closet and Up, Up and Away
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