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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Sorry about these weekends that go a little long, leaving you with the same image at the top of the page for days. I get busier later in the week, and then on weekends I’m usually trying to get quality time with the BF. So that means if I don’t plan ahead on Monday or Tuesday, I’m screwed.

What I was up to yesterday … One day of the week that I spend working on my own projects. I decided to wear a tight-fitting blue UA shirt, and tights to go with it. I put on a jacket for a little modesty. Basically I’m dressed for the gym but I’m just sitting around programming on my laptop. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that this is a public place with WiFi and all. Probably the most notable thing was that I didn’t get looks or stares. Perhaps it wasn’t so out of place after all.

Continuing with posts of pictures, videos, etc — ideally I’d like to source original material, as in actually going to events, models, and so on. This so you don’t get stuff already passed around the net (as what most blogs, including mine, do). Short of that, I do go through a lot of photos and videos and select only a few to post. There’s probably 10 things that don’t get posted for every one that does. This is how I might get some quality and provide some added value through this kind of editorial process.

What I started out doing with this blog is trying my best to find original photos and recognizing it as such, which is why I’ll try (if I don’t forget) to link to where I found it. So while I’m already plagiarizing, at least there is an attempt to document it. I really appreciate comments on posts that tell me the real source, like the swimskin model who is actually this European athlete.

I continue to enjoy getting all the visitors to this blog, and maybe I’ll get around to fulfilling the various promises I’ve made.


Flickr :: peanutnatl has many great looking men of color.

With a body like that his suit needs an upgrade.

Like wrestlers, triathletes also pull down their suits when they’re done with the action.



White really is the best color for spandex.

If you don’t get my joke, please see WTF R U.

New year’s resolutions: find some fitness buddies, do sit-ups this way.


Similar technique seen here with singlets.

This used to be a video on youtube, but it was taken down. All I could find was that thumbnail.