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Monthly Archives: December 2009

If he’s pimping out this guy, I’ll take him.

Just to round out the holidays I thought I’d provide a retail-themed week of posts.

Probably would have been more relevant during the week of Black Friday or just before Christmas. But, you know, whatever.





Abs. Wow.




Sometimes I just have to step back and wonder if cat-man up there is us and dude-with-frisbees is the rest of society. After all, strangeness is relative. I think we are right at that blurry line between acceptable and weird. Like wearing a kit on a bike (acceptable) vs wearing a kit to the cafe (weird). Maybe the availability of acceptable environments is a measure of not-weird? I mean, not that many places to wear a cheetah-suit and fit in.

Anyway, I love the confidence of cat-man’s against the look of morbid curiosity on the other guy. Is that Zach Braff?

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I’d like to be the swim team assistant to help these guys put on their suits.

I love this video.


I don’t have any other info about this pic except that it was “montana.jpg” on my hard drive.