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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Trikoot just posted photos from the Helsinki Open Wrestling Competition (2009). Enjoy.



I’m not familiar with the music, or this guy. But who cares.

Tip: discussion on andyeforum

The spandex police:




Certain male doctors are required to wear these skin-tight one-piece suits. You know, as part of their professional duty. Sanitary reasons. Whatever. Required to wear. Please.

Source: this Facebook group

The blogosphere has been alight with the picture of this guy:


Bjorn is a Swedish decathlete. You can see more of him here on this Flickr set. (Thanks to Tottyworld for those pics.)

Posting from my mobile device. Maybe I’ll bring this along to a track meet or something.


Some notes:
#18: Your race number is … okay whatever.
#41: Where’s your room?

Adding to my blogroll:
LA Lycra
Sport Sensual
(the last one — maybe; he’s known for his lycra pics, but the blog isn’t)

KC Rosa
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Inactive Blogs:

Let me know what other blogs are out there. It’s nice to see a small group of us. When I started I couldn’t find any other men-wearing-spandex blog.

SWM 12

You just want to … touch it. I think it’s from this guy. Thank you, anonymous daring photographer. Your zoom lens is wonderful.

More yours truly. I came across this old picture, which is me in a skinsuit that was a little too big for me.