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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Nice moves, and nice body too.

I get hard for guys who can dance.

You just need to hear this song once more:

Here’s another view.

Having just got back from Austin I just need some time to catch up on things. I will be taking a few days off this week. It would be nice if I had a guest blogger lined up. But I don’t.

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Before the morning ride.

So you guys might like to know that the hills just outside of Austin defeated me. I went out for a 25 mile ride, nothing but hills. At mile 23 my legs cramped up and I had to call to have someone get me. I still enjoyed trying to prove myself.

The Livestrong event was also today and while I didn’t go see the ride itself, I did see a lot of people, and spandex at the bike shop. There was a guy in a all-white kit that I really really wanted for a picture, but there was no way I was gonna do it without being a total creep.

The weather here is perfect right now.


The lighting was horrible. And this is one of the better pictures from the batch. Once I get the photography better I’ll show more of the stuff I have.

As you can see I’m not really built for wrestling. I usually end up in defensive positions when I try it. But I’m a HUGE fan of wrestling singlets. This black one is my favorite because of its silky thin material and the way it holds my package when I wear it.


Here’s another kind of line up.


Am I supposed to get on top of one?

White, transparent boner for all to see.
(I’m not allowed to copy the photo.)