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Monthly Archives: September 2009

This is a cycling club as seen in a pride parade:
to08_43 (Click for full pic)

Note that for the appearance in the gay parade, they dressed up in what cyclists normally wear.

Hey you guys, thank you for voting in the poll. I’ll leave it open for late-comers. To express my gratitude, here is a picture I consider one of my best finds.
(Click the pic for the full size.)

What those guys are doing, which was once considered a form of torture, looks like a lot of fun. If I’m a hostage to a group of hard, lean, smooth guys and everyone is wearing a spandex skinsuit, I really wouldn’t care how they handle me. But I am curious about this. Props to whoever can tell me how this picture came to be.

What lycra/spandex items do you have?

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I love these cyclist team photos. The good looking guy in the middle sees something to give him a boner. (While the guy on the left has a semi-hardon.)

Click for full size:

It goes without saying, those bib shorts are hot.


What, no V-stripe?

Those darker blue lines on the skinsuit say: “Put your face here”

T-shirt underneath the skinsuit? I know rowers usually wear it that way, but why?

I’d like to see this skin-tight yumminess make its way to the NBA.

A few glimpses of male dancers wearing tights.

Needs more lighting, more camera time on the male side dancers.

Another gem from yesteryear: