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Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Future. Explanation:
Oil ran out. You have to run everywhere.
Everyone wears a one-piece spandex suit. With a V-stripe.
Consequently, you can’t have a wallet.
Therefore, you pay with your fingerprint.

So, the Japanese invented Zentai (the word, at least), and they also do interesting performances with those suits.

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Soccer would be much for interesting to watch if they were all wearing that for uniforms.


I want him so much. Very cute with very nice body. Speedos allowing the package to hang so nicely. And I love how he is so fit that the swimsuit makes no effect on the shape of his butt, which is firmly in control.


Group photo of spandex and bulges. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Check out those spandex booties that go over the shoes for added aerodynamics.


A nice view of inline skaters wearing skinsuits. (I prefer the front though.)
[Embedding of video is disabled]

It’s well worth the trouble to click the link and watch the video. Very hot.

While we’re on a streak of new what-the-hell sports, I should introduce this audience to the wonders of competitive artistic cycling, involving fixed-gear bicycles, spandex, and whoever was looking for an even-less-normal excuse to wear tights.

Mocking aside, this is probably one of the most difficult physical performances I can think of.