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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Love the slo-mo sounds that make this video very arousing. Love how the guy in black has a semi waiting for his opponent that’s bending over for him.

Umm, wow, that’s a weird looking singlet. Whoa! What’s in there!?

I think this preview violates copyright. Won’t last long.

Team Beautiful indeed.

This is your weekend special:

Brave guy, showing us and everything. See Phase Two here.

With the precious free time I have here and there I try to get the most use out of my spandex inventory. Sure, time on the bike is fine for that, but I gotta keep pushing new frontiers. That’s why, for example, I’m writing this blog post from a public library, wearing only a wrestling singlet.

Until I get used to wearing skin-tight things as so normal that I don’t even think about it (like when I’m on a bike), I have to play mind games with myself to make it possible. Such as, “it’s summertime!” so dressing down is okay and “just promoting my own sense of fashion” which everyone else does, consciously or not.

Spandex: a recurring theme on Big Brother.