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Monthly Archives: May 2008



Here’s a cute track cyclist who packs it in his skinsuit. See his website for pictures. [via tottyworld]

So. I’m now working in the bicycling business, with all kinds of cycling products and lots of skin-tight you-know-what. It’s like a dream job. No, it really is a dream job.

Even better, people work here because they love it. I work with cyclists, and we like to ride our bikes to work. We come to work in spandex, we leave in spandex. And they like to keep their legs shaved.

If you want to visit me at work, send me a note.

Cute attitude

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Two guys showing off

A man wearing white semi-opaque spandex is socially acceptable only under special circumstances, like in the fading darkness of early morning. I have gone jogging at the track wearing some really tight, stretched-thin, white lycra spandex UA-type support underwear. You can see my cock and balls through it.

But in the safety of early morning I dared myself to run wearing only that white spandex, and even with a few other people running at the track, I was not too worried. As you know, white spandex can become quite transparent when it’s wet, like when I sweat into it during running.