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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Costumed Dramas: Behind the Mask

Financial Times (FT) looks at a history of superhero fashion. Why exactly we’re talking about skin-tight costumes in the world’s leading business newspaper, I’m not sure.

Are product mentions appropriate for this blog?

Another one filed in the WTF category.

Exam: done. Taxes: done. The weather has gotten nice, and it’s a great time to enjoy wearing spandex outdoors!

I want to encourage local meetups for recreational stuff like jogging, cycling, or just hanging out in a cafe. I’m not sure what the best medium is for getting out the word (assuming that this blog does not reach enough people. Perhaps, for now, an ad-hoc approach will do, posting on forums (GearFetish, andyEForums) and maybe even your local craigslist.

In the meantime I’ll be thinking about ways to improve the community of like-minded guys in your area.

Answering the door in appropriate attire.

Hotties, them.

Defies categorization.