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Monthly Archives: March 2008

It think it’s some British TV show. Nice suit.

I noticed today that there is a spot on an older wrestling singlet where the lycra fibers have broken apart and pulled away, leaving only a thin and fragile nylon weave behind. This spot happens to be exactly where the tip of my penis makes contact with the singlet, which is also where I would leak some precum.

The thinned and worn area, about the same size as a wet patch of precum, makes me suspect that our seminal fluids can cause spandex fibers to deteriorate. I think what happened is that I wore the singlet just for a short while, leaked some precum on it, and after I took it off I didn’t feel the need to wash it and so the little spot of cum or precum just stayed on the fibers and did its work.

Now I think about it I have some spandex shorts where the fabric is definitely wearing out right in front. Has anyone else had the same experience?

I’ll spare a moment from my studying to provide an update. As loyal readers you may have wondered if I went on vacation or something. It’s only this big exam (think bar exam, but another profession) I have coming up in April that I’m in lock-down mode for, so I maybe should have anticipated this dry spell and prepared a bunch of posts in advance. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Just so you know, I’ll be back at full speed after April 13. Between now and then posts will be sparse and sporadic. Actually, some audience-submitted leads and contributions would not be a bad idea.

Good news is that Spring is warming things up, and now I can wear a wider range of spandex gear outside.

I ordered and received two singlets that should have been identical except for the color (one black, one navy). Unfortunately, I couldn’t put on the black one I got, because the edging (what’s the name for that?) of the shoulders did not have any stretch, so the top opening was just to small to put my body through.

My other singlet is just fine. If there was a mix-up in the order, no big deal. But that was an otherwise normal-looking singlet that couldn’t be put on; that’s a design flaw. I hope the vendor knows about this problem. Anyway, they are going to send another one.


Friends let friends wear spandex.


Showing some ass in spandex.