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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Many of us should already know about Jeremy Lory as the somewhat-famous model/tease on the youtubes. He had some hot videos (now taken down) where he was pulling singlets all over himself. Kind of like this more recent release:

In recent days I’ve been more daring than usual with the spandex I wear in public. Yesterday, I wore a long-sleeve cycling jersey and tights to the local library. This morning, I walked around the nearby university in my new wrestling singlet with a long-sleeve spandex shirt (UA style) underneath for warmth.

It feels odd having bipolar feelings of vulnerability versus liberation. One moment, I just want to hide when I think about all the people around me, and yet moments later, I will feel natural and proud of what I am wearing, comfortable in my own skin and the skin-tight spandex over it. I think the latter is what exhibitionists feel.

The only inconvenience is, where to put the keys and wallet? Only the cycling jerseys give you some place to put it. Someone should invent a codpiece that holds my other junk.

I need to create a category called WTF for stuff like this. Not only is this so fake, but the groaning … like, does that help things?

I’m presenting this video to show what I consider to be just over the line as far as what’s appropriate here.

Caution: If you’re going to play the video at work, you might turn down the speakers a bit. Also, don’t have anything important nearby, just in case your head explodes.

I’ve been fiddling with the layout and design of this blog. Not totally there yet, but a satisfactory arrangement for now. Speak up if you don’t like it, or if you have ideas for improvements. I know I should make the design say something about what we talk about. Some assembly required.

GearFetish, one of my favorite directory sites, will soon change their membership policy so that non-paying members will have much less access to the website’s features than they had previously. Although announced more than a week ago, I just read the note and the change is set to occur possibly as soon as 48 hours from now.

If you haven’t joined already, I recommend you do it soon, like now. Plus if the site is really valuable and useful to you, please consider getting a paid membership.

As a teenager, before I even had a dial-up connection to the Internet, the best I could do was go to the library and go through magazines. Here are a few:

Bicycling Magazine — explanation needed?

Coach — You’ve probably never heard of this trade magazine for athletic trainers, but there were often hot pics of athletes and sometimes very hot pics of athletes in spandex. The best thing that ever happened in this magazine was a two-page spread advertising Lycra by Dupont. (I photocopied it, took it home, and kept it under my bed.) The picture showed a team photo, typical front-row and back-row arrangement, but with the guys wearing nothing but white compression shorts. Maybe I’ll go to their archives to find this and scan it. Look for it in mid- to late-90s issues.

Dance Magazine — again, explanation needed?

I actually do not want to look at any of the men’s muscle magazines. They seem so fake.

I bet there are a lot of niche periodicals, the ones that are really hot, that I never knew about. Sport-specific ones, I’m sure. Do you have any magazine or printed favorites? Feel free to share in comments.

I found in my inbox recently another photo of what appears to the same wrestling match I showed earlier.


This makes me wonder that there exists a whole series of pictures from the match, like these track pictures I posted earlier. Just so you know, pictures and video of real athletes showing boner in spandex are most sought after here at this blog.

Just a story about NFL prospects but it provided a photo worth looking at:


(tip via Towleroad)

This week I ordered for myself two new wrestling singlets, made by my favorite manufacturer Cliff Keen. (Unfortunately, their market share seems to be diminishing.) After all these years of trying stuff the wrestling singlet remains my favorite article of spandex. Adding to my working inventory allows me to wear them more often, for daily exercise and such.

Unlike some, I am not a collector, so I don’t keep stuff for the sake of keeping. What’s not being used will be re-appropriated somehow. I plan on giving a few items away to readers of this blog as a token of appreciation. So continue coming back if you want a chance to win one of my things. If you haven’t done so already, bookmark this website and subscribe to the RSS feed. You might even register on this website for better things to come.