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Monthly Archives: January 2008

The Large Penis Support Group (LPSG) has a discussion thread on the wrestling singlet. (Registration req’d to see pictures.)

Wow, an essay: Why (Most) Men (in the U.S.) Don’t (Won’t) Wear Speedos

I have fond memories of the SF Bay Area.

A multimedia showcase on Bay Area Bike Culture by the San Jose Mercury News, including photo slideshow.


Wetsuitlads is a really good website about guys in wetsuits.

White spandex shorts. The brand was Spettro. (are they still around?) I was just old enough to drive and this new freedom allowed me to go to the sports equipment store and buy things I otherwise couldn’t have with other people.

Being my first and only item of spandex, the white shorts had a lot of use. I wore them under shorts, but the real fun was going for morning (or late night) runs wearing nothing over those spandex shorts. I lived only a few blocks away from a university campus, so I could run around during those morning hours while everyone else was asleep.

Back then it was quite a rush for me to wear spandex out like that, but nothing like having a car drive by. It made me run extra fast and look for a corner to turn. Worst was when a car seemed to follow me for what felt like forever.



I just like how well he wears this shirt and singlet combo.


Although I can’t post the photos because of restrictions, go see for yourself some guys playing volleyball.

hot guy wearing tight shirt and spandex shorts
interesting faux-nude shorts
a really cute guy in spandex (my favorite)

Do you guys think about why we like spandex? I mean, besides spandex being a wonderful fabric and all that, what do you think caused your personal attraction? This post is open for comments.

I mentioned previously that, in my case, it was an adolescent fixation. Part of what made spandex special was that it was relatively rare and forbidden. That is, there were special uses for wearing spandex, but it was unacceptable to be seen in it during normal circumstances. I would guess that for a lot of guys my age this fetish may have similar origins.

If spandex had been more common for guys to wear, like it is today with the proliferation of tight-fit and compression wear, it might have had the effect of making it less exotic, and I wouldn’t be blogging about it today.

But while the “exotic garment” idea is behind a number of fetish, what is it about spandex in particular, as opposed to any one of the other fabrics/materials?

For me, personally, it is the body-fitting coupled with its association with sports and masculinity. Spandex, in public imagery, is worn by real men. They are speedskaters, cyclists, runners, wrestlers, rowers, football players, and so on. Even more exciting are the local sightings — the occasional fit jogger in tights, for example, or a training cyclist wearing a skinsuit.

In middle school we were required to “dress out” for P.E. (physical education) While the locker-room was nerve wracking, I didn’t mind so much because it would occupy 15-20 minutes out of the 50 minute class period. Our PE teachers told us we were required to wear white t-shirts and white shorts.

On the third day of school we brought our required clothes to show, but we didn’t have to change into them. I saw one guy bring a pair of shorts that looked rather small and form fitting. It really caught my attention and I really wanted to get a closer look and feel.

A few days later it was confirmed … SPANDEX! He wore white SPANDEX shorts to satisfy the gym dress code. A few other kids teased him about it but he didn’t mind too much. He continued to dress out in t-shirt and spandex every day. My mind was high on the thought of it.

After a while he had enough teasing and put on a pair of regular loose shorts over it. But throughout that year he always had spandex underneath. Sometimes he wore black spandex. One time I got to be his sit-up partner (holding down his feet).

My other spandex fix during gym class was this other guy who always wore blue spandex for underwear. I had a clear view of him in the locker-room and I would enjoy watching him change every day.