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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Originally saw this on YouTube. Probably got deleted. Found it again here.


Since Tobey Maguire put on spandex as Spiderman, no big deal that he wears spandex for little bike ride.

Source @ One Stop Cool

Did you ever see this?

Some guy put on a nude flesh-colored bodysuit (aka skinsuit, unitard, whatever) for that naked look and went out for some fun in the Big Apple. I can’t remember how I found this originally, but luckily I managed to stumble upon this again after some frantic searching. Check out the full adventure.

Unrelated: Police Respond to Report of Naked Man in Senate Office Building — turned out to be a guy wearing flesh-colored spandex. Same guy?

Studbank, Standardmale, Magnatude. Do any of those ring a bell? They are lycra galleries that have disappeared. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time.


The most recent community database of spandex men is, which pretty much goes after the same people as Spandexguys does. When I first saw Spandex-Party, I dismissed it as a cheap wanna-be that also seemed spammy and maybe somewhat too ad-oriented. Alas, the site has evolved much for the better and now I think it’s the best spandex-only m4m community. I think the subscription deal ($6.50/month recurring; $8.75/month one-time) is a good deal, compared to Spandexguys ($16.95/month recurring; $17.95/month one time).


Most of you probably know about AndyELycra, one of the more prominent members of the worldwide lycra male community. While he has always been a presence on the web, lately I discovered a members section on his website. That kid has some ambition. Now he’s taking his personal brand name to new platforms. But will he compete with GearFetish? Check out the nice user-submitted content.

Well, I haven’t actually written much at all until now. If I write, I’d write about personal stuff, an anonymous online journal of a guy who likes spandex, rather than a news blog. (Hey, I should at least attempt the news stuff.) To err on the safe side is to avoid writing the personal stuff, just in case a rare combination of details allows someone to find out who I am. Not that I’m actually terrified of being known; I’m just a little bit paranoid about the evolving nature of the internet to absorb information and make it accessible to anyone.

I think I want to compromise, because I want to open up as a way for readers to know me and maybe even write to me. I appreciate knowing personally other guys who share the same interest. If not much comes in the way of posts, then check the About page once in a while to see what I’ve added to it.

Sorry for the off-topic post, but I just want to complain about Youtube. But before I get to that, I just want to acknowledge that streaming video is indeed wonderful, and without it our collective eyes would have had less fulfilling lives.

Okay, now the charges:

At first it was the active censorship. We complained but we put up with it. No big deal, because the influx of new content seemed to replace the disappearing. There was somewhat of a tolerable equilibrium. We stayed entertained.

We got by because someone figured out how to save those videos. That was nice because if you felt that some video would be inevitably deleted, you saved it. I intended to do that with all the videos I posted, just for keepsake’s sake. Oh Aaron, how I wish I saved you.

Then someone figured out how to view deleted videos. Probably in the same stroke that cut off video downloading, they also plugged the leak on deleted videos. Now they are gone, gone forever.

So, what now? Some resolutions. I’m not going to look for stuff on Youtube anymore. There’s not that much there anyway. And, if you’re a content producer or uploader, I encourage you to upload to other, more tolerant places. I’m not sure what to recommend, but no-big-deal videos of guys in spandex is surely tame enough for Xtube.

Okay, so now I’ve vented, let’s get back to our wonderful spandex-filled lives. Thank you for looking at my blog.