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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Cycle abs
Uploaded by coachbob

Guy in cycling gear doing situps


Video: Return to the Batcave

Watch the video, see Batman and Robin get dressed. Nice to see superheroes actually acknowledge what they are wearing.

It must be disappointing to check back to this site and see nothing has changed from day to day. For that I offer a little bit of apology. You know, my “motivation” waxes and wanes, since I have the rest of my life to live.

For example, you could play in gear with a real person. That’s what I did last week. There was a visitor in town from a neighboring state. I found time to host him in my home, where we shared our gear and played our bodies. It was great fun. We also walked around a nearby park. I wore a red singlet. He had a singlet too, but wore a t-shirt over it. I can understand the reservation.

I enjoy the play, but I don’t make any sexual contact, mainly because it’s just not my kind of thing. I know for a lot of guys the gear play leads to something else. Whatever you do, play safely.

From Germany, the free and no-advertisement site has an extensive collection of professional cycling photographs organized by event, cyclist, and team. You can tell from the multitude of less-famous races that Europeans love the sport way more than Americans.

Here is the classic discussion: Are tight road-biking shorts gay?

For someone who rides a road bike every day, it’s surprising to my friends that I don’t watch or really care about the happenings at the Tour de France, going on right now in that country. There’s a good chance that there are hotties, hot pictures, and hot videos zipping around the internet right now. Those of you who are paying attention feel free to contribute links, blogs, whatever. Appreciation is waiting.

You can find a lots of spoofs of “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz. But the US Navy version (above) is the hottest one out there.

From the Netherlands, Cok van Herk presents skeeleren (inline skating), wielren (cycling), and schaatsen (speedskating).

Sorry, kinda busy lately, didn’t quite feel like taking a photo to put on this blog. I might have picked this one.

Flickr user culverpc has a GREAT collection of original pictures taken from swimming, gymnastics, track & field, wrestling, and crew (aka rowing). The picture above pays homage to my alma mater (I think that’s their uniform).