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Monthly Archives: May 2007

This morning I volunteered to help out with a local bike ride, a convenient way to see a lot of spandex in one place. Since this was a charity ride, not a race, the ratio of hot bodies was rather low. But it was good to see so many people wearing spandex. Volunteering at the registration table, I had a nice up-front view of those nice packages.

Hottest dude was Russ from Shreveport, who was in quite a hurry to get to the starting line after arriving late. Nice green skinsuit.

Wasn’t sure whether that was scripted or candid. I say scripted.

Early on, it was the Yahoo Groups that gave me most of the lycra spandex and guys I wanted to see. Today it is still my main source of pictures, although in some groups the activity has fallen off. As of this writing I am subscribed to 60 groups. But only a few groups stand out in quality and quantity; I recommend freeballinwrestlers, Sports_BONERS, Triathletepix, UnderArmour, wrestling_singlets, lycrafetish101, and maybe a few others worth mentioning (please let me know what I’m missing). I remember WrestlingGear was one of the earliest and one of the best. By the way, you can tell I tend to like sport uses of spandex.

Just for reference here is a more complete listing of my gay spandex groups:

I will update this list, perhaps giving it its own page that I update as I add more. Also, at some point it’s worth giving the spotlight on individual groups to talk about what they’re all about.