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Here at LycraKeen, we often encounter the question, is THIS the gayest sport ever? This one beats out equestrian vaulting, but is probably only tied with artistic cycling.

The guy who posted this seems to know how he wants to play, including “no gay stuff please.” Dude, there’s a raging boner involved.

If you don’t get my joke, please see WTF R U.


Sometimes I just have to step back and wonder if cat-man up there is us and dude-with-frisbees is the rest of society. After all, strangeness is relative. I think we are right at that blurry line between acceptable and weird. Like wearing a kit on a bike (acceptable) vs wearing a kit to the cafe (weird). Maybe the availability of acceptable environments is a measure of not-weird? I mean, not that many places to wear a cheetah-suit and fit in.

Anyway, I love the confidence of cat-man’s against the look of morbid curiosity on the other guy. Is that Zach Braff?

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I don’t have any other info about this pic except that it was “montana.jpg” on my hard drive.

For out-of-work athletes:
Pitcher & Catcher wanted for a new sport. Requires firm grip and impeccable timing. General agility very desirable. Related experience: baseball/softball, gymnastics, wrestling. Must wear spandex.

This is seriously OMG, WTF, and unbelievable.

Disclaimer: This is a Guerrilla marketing video. I am not endorsing the product.

In the news:

Probably the most embarrassing scenario imaginable — wearing your spandex full suit, taken down by the cops, in the middle of Times Square.

Celebrities, if you wear spandex, please don’t hurt our cause.