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And don’t forget this “training” video

“Anonymous” pointed out to that this picture is, unfortunately but not unexpectedly, fake. Here is the original.

It’s still nice to look at though. While it lasted the fantasy of a wrestler cumming in the ring gave me a week’s worth of boners, plus bonus motivation to write slash fiction of my own. I was thinking about how teammates would try to get each other to cream in a witch-hunt to root out naughty thoughts, and of course no one is immune at that age. Anyway …

It’s on this Chinese Flickr-clone site here.

I have a list of questions:

  1. Is this photoshopped? (Please say no.) If it isn’t,
  2. Has anyone heard of something like this happening? Everyone always says “You’re too busy wrestling to get excited like that”
  3. Is it NSFW if cum is outside?
  4. What would you do in this situation?

When I saw this picture I pretty much blew my load instantly.

Credit goes to wherever Spandexgasm found it.



His arm isn’t the only thing getting raised upward.

Reminds me of “Bruno” and the Daytona wrestling team.

This looks fun. Except you know that the guy in blue is about to have is ass thrown.