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Category Archives: workout

Aerobics or Yoga wearing this. Please let this be a thing. (Or bring the 1980s back, if you remember.)

Man, those white shorts. Porn agency doing “workout” videos.

Nice thighs, IMO. (I almost typed out “thights” instead of thighs.)

Are we ‘that guy’ at the gym? Maybe.

I prefer lean rather than huge muscles, but I can still use these kinds of videos to get some wood.

New year’s resolutions: find some fitness buddies, do sit-ups this way.


Similar technique seen here with singlets.

This used to be a video on youtube, but it was taken down. All I could find was that thumbnail.

I think the guy is saying “Work the balls! Work the balls!”

Escher-esque perspective:


Click for full size:

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What’s wrong with these pictures? See answer in the comments.