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Category Archives: underarmour

I prefer lean rather than huge muscles, but I can still use these kinds of videos to get some wood.

The artist has a nice gallery of digitally-enhanced poses.


Do you want to be this guy, or do you want to haze the guy?

Tell him that it’s not underwear, and that the jeans are optional.

Sure, they wear spandex, but is it a sport?

I hope I don’t come across as endorsing any brand. Compression recovery is nothing new; UA is just slapping a brand on it. In the bicycling industry I’m familiar with Zoot, 2XU, etc. Don’t forget Bike, usually known for jock straps, they’ve been making compression shorts for decades. If this market gets big enough, I expect there will be generic brands and I can save some money.



Showing some ass in spandex.