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Category Archives: speedo

I start off every day with a cortado.


Source: imgur and /r/speedos

/r/speedos is pretty awesome, by the way.

White speedos are the best. Haven’t seen them in a while.

What’s going on here when they do this?

New year’s resolutions: find some fitness buddies, do sit-ups this way.


Similar technique seen here with singlets.

This used to be a video on youtube, but it was taken down. All I could find was that thumbnail.

I’d like to be the swim team assistant to help these guys put on their suits.


Nice to see the variety. There’s even a female thrown in for good measure.

I think these speedos are designed to look like they’re too small on whoever is wearing them.

t sp g

Reminds me of this swimmer.

07140818 07140819

SWM 12

You just want to … touch it. I think it’s from this guy. Thank you, anonymous daring photographer. Your zoom lens is wonderful.