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Ready for 2012! Here’s a great picture to get us started. Yes I do have a kinkier side and this picture really puts things together — a nice skinsuit, cycling gear, and this guy being mounted on a platform that opens your imagination to the possibilities!

I saw it here: link

All you courageous people.

Here is another way I can give back to the spandex community. If you –

• Have a blog
• Organize spandex events or meetups
• Have pictures or stories to share
• Do any else with spandex, like creating an awesome design

I want to help you get noticed, like I did with The Fixed Gear. I’m not sure exactly how much of an effect I have, but I think I can give you a decent bump. I’m open to anything, really, but I will evaluate it case-by-case for quality. As you can notice by the absence from my blog, I prefer not to endorse blatantly commercial things, like pay-sites, selling DVDs, or retailing/auctioning.

I was just about to end this post without any eye candy, but I thought better of it.

Fuckign wow! Have you seen a suit like that? With a design like that on the backside, it should certainly have a package-enhancing design on the front for good measure.

Along the lines of doing a group picture with your team cocksucker in front …

Kind of reminds you of this funny picture, if you haven’t seen it already.

Revisiting the most obscure sport (?) that requires wearing your skin-tight bodysuit. I’m guessing this is huge in Germany.

Whoever designed that suit (the middle one) knew how to sculpt a bulge with where the seams are, and the world is better off for it.

Bonus: the guy on the right is checking to see if it’s standing out too much.

I know Chad Hedrick is a hottie, but I like Shani Davis better. Eric Heiden, former speedskater who was the team physician, can is on Wikipedia with what looks like a huge boner.


My first spandex-aware Olympics was 1992 in Albertville, France. Being all of eleven years old then, I wasn’t squeezing myself yet, but I already knew I enjoyed watching the Olympics for the men in those tight little suits, whether it was luge, skiing, or speedskating. I have straight buddies tell me they also appreciate the male physique in skinsuits, but most of the readers of this blog probably enjoy it on another level.