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I know Chad Hedrick is a hottie, but I like Shani Davis better. Eric Heiden, former speedskater who was the team physician, can is on Wikipedia with what looks like a huge boner.


My first spandex-aware Olympics was 1992 in Albertville, France. Being all of eleven years old then, I wasn’t squeezing myself yet, but I already knew I enjoyed watching the Olympics for the men in those tight little suits, whether it was luge, skiing, or speedskating. I have straight buddies tell me they also appreciate the male physique in skinsuits, but most of the readers of this blog probably enjoy it on another level.


A nice view of inline skaters wearing skinsuits. (I prefer the front though.)

Skeeler Schaats (translation please?) — galleries of inline skating.

From the Netherlands, Cok van Herk presents skeeleren (inline skating), wielren (cycling), and schaatsen (speedskating).

Sorry, kinda busy lately, didn’t quite feel like taking a photo to put on this blog. I might have picked this one.