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This is sooo comfortable. Surprisingly comfortable.

Never had a rowing suit before, probably the least-celebrated of the various one-piece suits.

This fabric has a lot of give to it. The only thing I don’t like is the seam down the front, so you get a male cameltoe. Not a big deal though.

I’ll post a picture if I get around to it.


With a body like that his suit needs an upgrade.


Moar rowers below the jump:
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T-shirt underneath the skinsuit? I know rowers usually wear it that way, but why?



DC Strokes Rowing Club is a GLBT rowing club. Look around on their website I’m sure you’ll find lycra.

Flickr user culverpc has a GREAT collection of original pictures taken from swimming, gymnastics, track & field, wrestling, and crew (aka rowing). The picture above pays homage to my alma mater (I think that’s their uniform).

Toes to the edge