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Yikes, I totally missed the month of October! Bet you’re thinking, this blog sucks, I missed when he updated this thing almost daily.

Just to update what I’ve been doing, for half the month I was out of town and overseas, and before that I joined the gym again to give myself some range of activity other than cycling. I highly recommend joining a city or community operated gym. Where I live they are quite nice and they don’t try to screw you like some of the private-label chain gyms.

Also, wear spandex! Even after all these years we hesitate to wear spandex, but please keep in mind life is short and we look as good today as we will ever. I’ve been wearing my wrestling singlets to the gym or else I’m just not going to get my use out of them. By gym rules we have to have sleeves so I wear some kind of top like a t-shirt over the singlet. It’s super comfortable not to have a waistband, which are rather irritating to me.

So use it or lose it! Recently I entered my third decade of life, which by Reddit demographics makes me a senior citizen. (Lawn, off!) There went my 20s! Looking back I am grateful to have had some creative endeavors like this blog while also having the opportunities to meet a few like-minded dudes.

We have also seen many blogs come and go, and lately there seems to be fewer. I am thankful for sites like Flickr and Gearfetish that keeps this community together and reminds us that there are many of us out there. I also feel like that changes in technology open up some new possibilities in sharing, just like blogging and social websites did for us earlier in the past decade.

I happen to have, through work and personal projects, some of the skills to take advantage of these emerging media technology, which may allow new channels of connection and expression. I do not, however, have any concrete plans or ideas that really strike me. I do feel that today’s buzzwords like Social, Mobile, Local are quite relevant and no doubt some of us will come up with interesting new things for our little phones.

So if it’s any consolation, the time I’ve spent away from this blog might become part of something new. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Imagine the possibilities!

This is sooo comfortable. Surprisingly comfortable.

Never had a rowing suit before, probably the least-celebrated of the various one-piece suits.

This fabric has a lot of give to it. The only thing I don’t like is the seam down the front, so you get a male cameltoe. Not a big deal though.

I’ll post a picture if I get around to it.

I make myself wear spandex when I do yard work. Bike shorts, singlets, whatever. My stuff needs to be put to use. One day the neighbor across the street brought out her lawn chair and watched me.

(Don’t wear your nice spandex for yard work. Branches, bugs, sweat, etc. They’ll tear it up.)

Just so you guys know, desk job and winter time are not excuses for not getting your exercise. I am fortunate to be able to have my road bike at the office, which lets me ride for about an hour at lunchtime. Every week I go through 4-5 sets of spandex.

This is hot.

I’ve already had thoughts about doing this at my new job. Wearing a matching cycling kit to work. Or my fullbody swimsuit. It doesn’t makes sense. You do it because you can. If you can.

Early this morning I grabbed some groceries while wearing a singlet, and wearing a long-sleeve compression shirt over it. A clerk asked me if he could help me with anything. Maybe he meant handling my package.

A good problem to have: too much spandex! If I don’t make an effort to use my stuff, it will just be idle. Solution: ride the bike more, and don’t be shy about wearing it to the gym.

I’m back from my Independence Day weekend vacation. For the record, both times that my boyfriend was giving me a handjob, my thoughts were on wearing a skin tight bodysuit while being bound or tied up. Those blog links I posted last week really had an impression on me.

I was also hot imagining how a riding with a cycling buddy could quickly get interesting. I think about how I’m already exposing everything, and then … oh, here’s a boner! Why not feel each other up?

I have a new bike.

Everything is new except for the frame and fork. The rest are high performance components (Ask me privately for more specific details). It is wholly delightful to ride a bike so light, fast, solid, and quiet.

Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to be one of those fast cyclists in spandex. Like almost everyone else who wants to be one of them, I started somewhere, not exactly sure how to go about it. The best I could do was a crappy big-box-store bike and some generic spandex shorts I happened to have.

In college, I had a better bike to get around. It was a casual mountain-style bike with some name-brand components, along with quick-release on the wheels and seatpost. As far as I was concerned, this was a REAL bike.

Halfway through college, I decided it was time for my first quarter-life crisis and that’s how I ended up with my first road bike. That was one of the best $500 I ever spent. It only bought the most basic road bike, but it was the real thing that allowed me to pursue the hobby and get some practical use out of spandex.

Ever since I have only had a series of used bikes, in part because I thought that any old road bike was good enough for me, as long they were in working condition. Like the spandex I was wearing, I was not aware of how much better the newer things were.

More recently, I have gotten some very nice stuff, and I will be a rather serious cyclist. It’s at a point where it’s not so much about the spandex anymore. Instead, whatever I’m wearing is just part of the fusion between my body and a machine. But if I did not have that initial fetish, today I would probably be without the recreation to keep my body in better shape.

So yall aren’t left wondering, this week posting may be sporadic because I am preparing for a short trip overseas, while still working full-time (thankfully) and working on interesting projects with my free time. LycraKeen is probably the most fun thing I spend my time on, and from the comments I know there are some fans out there.

There are a few other announcements:

I’d like to get rid of some of my stuff. I have too much spandex! While, in a sense, we can never have enough, I estimate that if I wore spandex every day, it would take around two weeks for me to go through what I have. (Plus, I’m upgrading to some high-end bike gear, so I should part with the stuff I have that is not really being used.) In the near future I’ll be figuring out how to make my stuff available to you guys.

I have some cool new ideas for this website, like I have had before. Finding time and making them happen, of course, is another challenge.