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Sorry to make you guys read, but you know you’ve wanted this:

Lights Out, Game On

LAST night I slept on athletic shorts. Or more accurately, I slept on the stuff athletic shorts are made of: high-tech performance fabric, the sort of super-Lycra that goes into the uniforms of, say, basketball players.

TL;DR: Spandex bed sheets might be good for you, but it’ll separate more money from you.

My take: Not necessary. Still prefer my spandex on hot guys.


Most of you probably know about AndyELycra, one of the more prominent members of the worldwide lycra male community. While he has always been a presence on the web, lately I discovered a members section on his website. That kid has some ambition. Now he’s taking his personal brand name to new platforms. But will he compete with GearFetish? Check out the nice user-submitted content.