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I love this blog: The Fixed Gear

Bloggers Kean and Anna share their admiration for track cyclists! (examples here and here).

We have long been fascinated by the human body, the graceful curves and the impeccable beauty is simply beyond anything we can ever dream of. Seeing a person in tight fitting wear with all the peculiarities and beauty of the human body intact is simply a sight to behold. [...] Appreciating athletes in full tight form fitting lycra gear but respecting them by offering a constructive analysis of their build.

And they, like me, have experience in the cycling industry.

Thanks for the link, btw.

Just so happens that I’ve been looking at a lot of bondage pictures, which goes with all the used napkins in the trash can. Getting tied up and all that is arousing, but does it have anything to do with wearing skin-tight things? Those two areas probably share some of the same homo-erotic brain circuitry.

Here are some blogs to get you started:

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All American Kinkster
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Trapper Smith
Soccer Bondage

There are just too many pictures. I’m not even going to try to pick one. (site in German) will occasionally have some lycra, like the young fellow above in the Gerolsteiner cycling kit seen here and here. If you happen to be a cyclist, you probably notice the nice shoes with some road pedal cleats.

Adding to my blogroll:
LA Lycra
Sport Sensual
(the last one — maybe; he’s known for his lycra pics, but the blog isn’t)

KC Rosa
Fit Sports Men
Athletic Supporter
More about male (a lycra blog maybe)
Super Gymnasts

Inactive Blogs:

Let me know what other blogs are out there. It’s nice to see a small group of us. When I started I couldn’t find any other men-wearing-spandex blog.

Hot Jock of the Day is a wonderful blog that has a lot of the same material I would post. Categories listed by sport. You know which ones to click on.