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Category Archives: gallery


Flickr :: peanutnatl has many great looking men of color.

Check out a small gallery of sports photos representing the best from Outsports this year.


Thigh Fight has a hot collection of sports photos.

Another website of cycling galleries. This one — — is from Belgium.

Remember there’s also from Germany. is a gallery website with lots of cycling pictures.


This gallery has pictures of swimmers and cyclists.

Skeeler Schaats (translation please?) — galleries of inline skating.

Studbank, Standardmale, Magnatude. Do any of those ring a bell? They are lycra galleries that have disappeared. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time.


The most recent community database of spandex men is, which pretty much goes after the same people as Spandexguys does. When I first saw Spandex-Party, I dismissed it as a cheap wanna-be that also seemed spammy and maybe somewhat too ad-oriented. Alas, the site has evolved much for the better and now I think it’s the best spandex-only m4m community. I think the subscription deal ($6.50/month recurring; $8.75/month one-time) is a good deal, compared to Spandexguys ($16.95/month recurring; $17.95/month one time).


Most of you probably know about AndyELycra, one of the more prominent members of the worldwide lycra male community. While he has always been a presence on the web, lately I discovered a members section on his website. That kid has some ambition. Now he’s taking his personal brand name to new platforms. But will he compete with GearFetish? Check out the nice user-submitted content.