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I put my mouth on a low-hanging fruit by starting the /r/malespandex subreddit on Reddit. Like Flickr, delicious images are crowd-sourced, which means you get quality and quantity beyond what any one blogger can give you.

Maybe about a year ago, I thought to myself, I need to create some kind of gallery for my website where users would submit images or links to images, and they would be displayed depending on how many votes, how recently submitted, etc. And, of course, it’s a decent idea that was totally reinventing the wheel, so check if that wheel already exists and go use it.

I’m happy to say that /r/malespandex now has quite a few yummy pictures submitted by another kind user to get it started. You’ll see that I also have two posts there, and it should obvious what my Reddit username is.

There’s a lot of great material on the forums:

Thoughts on Men Wearing Spandex

Men In Lycra!

Compression shorts vs jockstrap

Why do some guys wear spandex shorts to the gym?

Spandex Issues (cycling)

white skinsuits

wrestling singlet

What Men Should Wear to the Gym

spandex in the gym

Weightlifting Singlets?

Discussing public wearing tights as fashion

(more links to come)