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Category Archives: dance

Maybe I had a lapse of judgment when I decided that Spandy Andy wasn’t blog-worthy. Now his fame is catching up with me. Here is his well-received IAmA on Reddit.

First it was zentai at sporting events and now this. Who would’ve thought we were going mainstream. Maybe the codpiece will make a comeback.

Happy Holidays! This is the [Radio City] Mockettes, the all-male version of the more famous Rockettes. There are some fun videos of them on Youtube, but not enough.

Here’s another one, the 12 Gays of Christmas. No spandex though, but well worth watching.

Dance guys having some fun. Next time you do “YMCA” remember how to do it this way.


I just discovered a wonderful blog, Guys in Tights, which has an angle for dancers and the like. You can also follow the author on Flickr, where there is a nice collection of dancers, who I think are the most athletic and beautiful of all the men-wearing-spandex categories.

But see, it’s damn near impossible to find a non-fruity picture of dancers.

This song is getting a bit too popular. Notables spoofs: Justin Timberlake and Joe Jonas.

Nice moves, and nice body too.

I get hard for guys who can dance.