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I don’t have any other info about this pic except that it was “montana.jpg” on my hard drive.

Green week continues! It would be a shame for me to miss a day. (I almost forgot to post this morning.)

Presenting cyclists:


The cameraman would rather be filming all the hot guys standing around.

One of my co-workers recently joined a bike racing club, and he got one of their team kits. I openly commented on his new gear, saying “you look so hot in those.” Seems like all the other guys at work like it too. It’s an open joke now that we all have a crush on him when he’s in the spandex. He certainly doesn’t mind — he rides his bike to work probably to give himself a reason to show off his bike and his butt.

This is about as hot as it gets. This guy has pretty much the top gear. Not sure about the helmet though.


Thanks Lycra Lad for your contribution.


Before the morning ride.


Here’s another kind of line up.