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Possibly my favorite picture from The Fixed Gear shows a pair of Dutch cyclists on the bench. I just love the look of the guy on the right … he has unzipped his skinsuit, he’s staring out into space, and maybe he’s waiting for something, maybe from his teammate sitting next to him. Just maybe.

[Edit 09/09] Of course, from reading The Fixed Gear, I knew that these cyclists are Teun Mulder and Tim Veldt. In their latest post they introduce again the dutch cyclists, including Theo Bos.

I’m back from my Labor Day weekend vacation. You gotta worry about when I go out of town. I resettle back home in a different way, and I might end up not blogging for a while. I hope I don’t do that again this time.

That’s Theo Box. And getting to stretch him is a nice job to have.

An honest account of why cyclists wear lycra:

Another fun video by the same guy: Preparation

An homage to the new blog discovery this week, The Fixed Gear. Also, I’ve never had computer-animated lycra on this blog before.

I love this blog: The Fixed Gear

Bloggers Kean and Anna share their admiration for track cyclists! (examples here and here).

We have long been fascinated by the human body, the graceful curves and the impeccable beauty is simply beyond anything we can ever dream of. Seeing a person in tight fitting wear with all the peculiarities and beauty of the human body intact is simply a sight to behold. [...] Appreciating athletes in full tight form fitting lycra gear but respecting them by offering a constructive analysis of their build.

And they, like me, have experience in the cycling industry.

Thanks for the link, btw.

Even though I love bikes, cyclists, and their gear, I’m really not paying attention to the TDF.


In “No Longer Subtle” this blogger checks out a cyclist who shows up in a skinsuit, causing his mind to think about all kinds of men in spandex. Great story.

I have a new bike.

Everything is new except for the frame and fork. The rest are high performance components (Ask me privately for more specific details). It is wholly delightful to ride a bike so light, fast, solid, and quiet.

Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to be one of those fast cyclists in spandex. Like almost everyone else who wants to be one of them, I started somewhere, not exactly sure how to go about it. The best I could do was a crappy big-box-store bike and some generic spandex shorts I happened to have.

In college, I had a better bike to get around. It was a casual mountain-style bike with some name-brand components, along with quick-release on the wheels and seatpost. As far as I was concerned, this was a REAL bike.

Halfway through college, I decided it was time for my first quarter-life crisis and that’s how I ended up with my first road bike. That was one of the best $500 I ever spent. It only bought the most basic road bike, but it was the real thing that allowed me to pursue the hobby and get some practical use out of spandex.

Ever since I have only had a series of used bikes, in part because I thought that any old road bike was good enough for me, as long they were in working condition. Like the spandex I was wearing, I was not aware of how much better the newer things were.

More recently, I have gotten some very nice stuff, and I will be a rather serious cyclist. It’s at a point where it’s not so much about the spandex anymore. Instead, whatever I’m wearing is just part of the fusion between my body and a machine. But if I did not have that initial fetish, today I would probably be without the recreation to keep my body in better shape.

But skinsuits are totally worth the trouble.

From a post by Rubber Canuck, Why I Ride.

I enjoy this guy’s almost-freakishly long and lean legs. He also has good taste in cycling gear. Check out his other videos too, they’re all worth a wank.