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Category Archives: cycling

Nice Cannondale

Finally posting this before I lose it again.

This squirming you see is enjoyment. He is getting to wear what he always wanted to wear.

Ready for 2012! Here’s a great picture to get us started. Yes I do have a kinkier side and this picture really puts things together — a nice skinsuit, cycling gear, and this guy being mounted on a platform that opens your imagination to the possibilities!

I saw it here: link

This needs to be a caption contest


This is hot.

I’ve already had thoughts about doing this at my new job. Wearing a matching cycling kit to work. Or my fullbody swimsuit. It doesn’t makes sense. You do it because you can. If you can.

Early this morning I grabbed some groceries while wearing a singlet, and wearing a long-sleeve compression shirt over it. A clerk asked me if he could help me with anything. Maybe he meant handling my package.

All you courageous people.

This cycling team’s “cabin boy” (or whatever you call the guy) shows how much he can take in his moth.