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Wanna play basketball with Spiderman? Andrew Garfield shoots some hoops in costume. I think this is a publicity stunt. Normally you wouldn’t sweat into and ruin an expensive costume like that.

Via Reddit


Here’s an album showing how to make your own Spiderman costume. Associated post thread on Reddit with lots of compliments on physique, etc.

NPR did an interview with the new guy playing Spiderman in the next movie.

As an adult, when Garfield finally put on the spider suit, it was an exciting experience — but also very uncomfortable.

“The reality of it is it’s kind of that crazy-awful thing where fantasy is no longer,” Garfield says. “You’re truly in spandex, which actually sucks, in reality. It’s hard work being that guy; it’s tough.”

To compensate for the limitations of the suit, Garfield studied the movements of athletes like Muhammad Ali and the soccer player Ronaldo.

“I wanted to have a sense of freedom,” says Garfield, “because that’s part of the point of a disguise. Because it gives you anonymity, and therefore freedom. I wanted to feel sexy in it — I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable and like I was adjusting all the time.”


The guy who posted this seems to know how he wants to play, including “no gay stuff please.” Dude, there’s a raging boner involved.


I just discovered a wonderful blog, Guys in Tights, which has an angle for dancers and the like. You can also follow the author on Flickr, where there is a nice collection of dancers, who I think are the most athletic and beautiful of all the men-wearing-spandex categories.

But see, it’s damn near impossible to find a non-fruity picture of dancers.

The spandex police:




Certain male doctors are required to wear these skin-tight one-piece suits. You know, as part of their professional duty. Sanitary reasons. Whatever. Required to wear. Please.

Source: this Facebook group

This is quite a production on a spiderman costume: