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Category Archives: celebrities

Maybe I had a lapse of judgment when I decided that Spandy Andy wasn’t blog-worthy. Now his fame is catching up with me. Here is his well-received IAmA on Reddit.

First it was zentai at sporting events and now this. Who would’ve thought we were going mainstream. Maybe the codpiece will make a comeback.

In our case “closet” easily has a double meaning. It must be a shout out to spandex fans, because this fake ad isn’t really funny at all.

Photoshoot of Stephen Colbert in a speedskating suit.


Just a small interruption of Green Week to bring you timely news.

Mario Lopez does a better job of promoting spandex. I previously posted about the guy. Seems to me he doesn’t shy away from opportunities to show off.

Celebrities, if you wear spandex, please don’t hurt our cause.