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You would have had your mobile app this past Sunday if I hadn’t been watching that two-hour episode of Downton Abbey. Of course there wasn’t anything skin-tight in 1918 (spandex invented in 1959), but I’ve taken a liking to Matthew Crawley

I’m just doing some finishing touches on this very first phase of the project. For now it’s nothing worth bragging about, really. However, the process of setting things up exposed the choices and priorities involved in development.

For example, I chose to have everything piped through the browser on your phone, rather than having the bother of native apps. (Feel free to disagree.) This is because I can be quite lazy I’m betting on the merits of the open platform, namely the sphere of things we call “HTML5″. Besides making something that is open and portable, it is also much less risky when it comes to privacy and security since both developers and users better understand what’s going on. The browser will continue to deliver some mind-blowing advances, enhanced by hardware improvements and special tools like Node.js. If you know what that is, you have some idea about how magical the possibilities can be.

Is this turning into a geek blog? I’m not ashamed if it does. I’ll take a hot nerd in spandex.

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